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6 Things you Need to Plan for a Successful RV Road Trip


RVing is becoming more popular by the day thanks to the isolationist philosophy during this pandemic. With all the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 virus, vacationing became a lot harder than before. But with the surge of the RVs, a person could go on a vacation while still maintaining isolation from other people which is the main cause for the rapid spread of COVID-19.

RVing is all well and good until disaster strikes so to prevent that from happening, safety precautions and preparations must be observed before your trip. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these RV tips will help make sure your trip will have no bumps!

Learn to drive the RVb2ap3_large_rv-road-trip-planning-3.2 you choose!

Yeah you know how to drive a car. But driving an RV is a totally different beast unto itself. For one, you have way less bumper clearance in an RV than you do in a car. The maneuvering is totally different. If you are planning to rent an RV for your vacation, then rent it for a day before the trip so you'd have time to practice.


Make sure you research all of what your insurance covers. Does your insurance cover your trailer? Does it cover towed vehicles? Do you need a separate road service coverage from your RV insurance? All these things you must keep in mind so that there will be no hiccups on the road.

Check road conditions

Nothing makes a trip sour faster than a closed road. Getting 4-hour detours from your main path is sure to dampen everyone's mood. And if that detour takes you on a broken, bumpy road, then you are in for a bad vacation. It's better if you plan the roads you take before you take them.

Weather forecast

RVing during a tropical storm is a bad idea. Well, there's really nothing we can do about the weather but at least you could avoid travelling and getting caught in a disaster midway.

Have a checklist

A good RVer is organized. A good RVer has a checklist of everything. 


This may be one of the most overlooked aspects of RVing. This is in fact a critical piece of your trip. There are regulations in place on how much legal weight you can carry on your RV and if you miss those things, you could be detained, a very bad beginning to your trip.

RVing is a great release of all your pent-up energy during this pandemic. It also serves to help your mental health and reconnect with nature. It is all well and good until you reach bumps in the road so be sure to take the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth ride!



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